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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Avery's Neuro Eval

Feeling better
On Monday night we headed to St. Louis for Avery's neurology appointment and EEG scheduled for Tuesday morning.  Avery went to her first Cardinals game Monday night also, but that is where the fun ended.  She began running a fever during the night and then she had a seizure.  We knew she had some seizures in China that is why we were getting a neurology consult, but this was the first one she has had since we met her.  We headed to St. Louis Children's ER, but they sent us back to the hotel since it was short and we already had an appointment in a few hours.  We went to her EEG and appointment with the neurologist and everything went well and she was acting like her normal self.  We headed out to get some lunch and she napped while we ate, but as we were getting ready to leave she had another seizure.  We headed back to children's and the nurse called to have us get a lab redone, because her calcium was low.  She had her third seizure while waiting to hear from the doctor. We then were taken to the ER and admitted.  They believe her calcium and the stress from a virus and ear infection are what caused these seizures.  We still are waiting for her calcium to come up to low normal so we can come home.  We still don't know exactly what is causing her calcium to be low, but they believe it might be a rare genetic mutation that causes the calcium sensors to be off.  That specific test has to be sent to Mayo to be done.  It has been a long week, but we are very grateful for the prayers and support from our family and friends!  Here a few pictures from this adventure.
At the Cards game
Chilling out


  1. I'm so sorry your sweet Avery is having seizures, but am thankful you were close to excellent medical care and that they took such good care of her!

  2. So sorry she is having seizures! Hopefully you get some answers soon. I just experienced Lia's first seizure. Scary! Feel free to email me~