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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Medical Exam and Chen Clad Academy

Yesterday we took Carsen to the photo shop to have his visa photo taken. Then we had to go to the clinic to have his medcial exam. Which consisted of height, weight, quick hearing and vision screening, a look in his ears and throat and then quick once over by the physician. He did very well with only minimal tears. He is starting to become alot more vocal and seems to be happy. He loves to eat and cries when we say we are done and get up to leave the table. We have to distract him with a toy or something to avoid a crying fit. He is starting to come to Jamie and I wanting to be picked up and reaching up for us. We took him swimming for the first time yesterday and we may have a little fish our our hands. He loves the water whether in the bathtub or the pool. He is not afraid either, he occasionally with stick his little face right in.
Today we went to the Chen Clad Academy which is the oldest building in Guangzhou. This academy is home to many arts including silk embroidery that looks like paintings, ivory carving, wood carving, hand painting and many other things. Then our guide took us to lunch at the Lotus restaurant, which is over 80 years old. Our lunch was very good, but still not like Chinese food as we are used to at home. We are glad our trip is on the downhill slide and ready to be in our own home. We know that the plane ride will be very long, but it will be worth it to get back to MO!

He's quite adept at using his feet!

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