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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Xuanwu Lake and stuff about Carsen

Sorry for no post yesterday to all of you who were waiting. We just didn't really do alot so I didn't have alot to say. We went back to the civil affairs office where the adoption was finalized. We saw the couple from Ohio that we met at O'Hare, their little girl is adorable. Then we came back to the hotel and basically just hung out. Carsen has got to see all his grandparents yesterday and today via facetime and skype. It's really cool that we can talk to them when they are on the other side of the world. Carsen is doing wonderfully so far. He is eating and sleeping very well. He is starting to smile and giggle more with us as well. He is getting to like taking a bath. He loves scrambled eggs, carrotts, rice and cabbage. They told us he likes fruit, but the only fruit we have gotten him to eat is baby food fruit.
Today we went to Xuanwu Lake, otherwise known as Dragon Lake. It was very nice weather wise as well as very beautiful. There is a very nice path that walks around the lake. There is a big statue of the Goddess of Lotus and a Buddhist temple on the grounds. Then we went to a Jade showroom and a traditional Chinese lunch. After lunch our guide took us to a clothing market where we got Carsen some more pants, because most of his are too big in the waist. We paid less than $5 for 2 pair of athletic pants. We are now back in the room for the day and Carsen is fast asleep.

Jamie and Carsen sporting the MU gold and black.

Carsen really likes hanging out in the stroller.


  1. I'm loving the pictures! The "hanging out in the stroller" one is so cute! I'll have to show Carsen's pics to our son Adam - he'll appreciate the Mizzou jersey! Max has already had an opportunity to wear one to a Mizzou game!

    Enjoy these days getting to know one another,

    Jill G

  2. GO TIGERS!!!

    I love following your journey.
    Carson is adorable!

    Anne (another Mizzou fan!)