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Monday, September 12, 2011

Yuntai Garden

Today we went to a beautiful garden, the Yuntai Garden. It was filled with all sorts of different plants and flowers. It was also decorated extra special today for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival which is today. Tonight at the garden they have a show in which all the lanterns and figures light up and some of then shoot out bubbles. I'm sure it would have been really pretty lit up at night. Jamie got his first photo request today by some young guys. Our guide said they don't see foreigners very oftern and think its funny to get their pictures taken with people like us.
This afternoon we walked over to Shamian Island again to visit some of the shops and purchase some things to take back home. Carsen got squeeky shoes they are a hit, hopefully they will encourage him to get to walking. We put them on and bounced him and up and down and he was all giggles. He continues to do really well, inspite of the fact that he appears to be cutting some teeth, but baby ibuprofen works wonders! Here are a few pics from today, but the iphone pics don't do it justice, hopefully the ones on the regular camera are better.

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  1. We love the Yuntai Garden. It's just so beautiful and peaceful. I think that, unlike a few sites that really only require one visit in a lifetime, Yuntai Garden is a place that we'd enjoy on every trip to Guangzhou. :-)

    Jill G